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Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose
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"Witch War" Part 1 of 4
March 2000
Many centuries ago, witches were burned at the stake for their "crimes", they possessed magic gained from two books: one a book of light, the other of darkness. The latter book was forbidden and so kept hidden by the Witches of the Black Rose who swore never to open it. But now, one witch has gone against this law and with the newly acquired book could cause unimaginable harm to the world.
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"Witch War" Part 2 of 4
May 2000
Tarot and Jon (Skeleton Man) go to her house where they recover from the recent fight and tell each other about their pasts. And so the origins of the majority of main characters are explained in this issue including Skeleton Man's, Tarot's and Raven Hex's.
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"Witch War" Part 3 of 4
July 2000
Raven's plan are growing as Tarot and Jon enlist the help of Crypt Chick to retrieve the body of Jon's ghost friends the two headed girl, Sue and Sally.But does Crypt Chick have ulterior motives.
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"Witch War" Part 4 of 4
September 2000
This story arc comes to a climax as Raven Hex raises her dead father to rule the new Reign of witchcraft, by her side. Something terrible goes wrong and someone very dear to Tarot sacrifices themselves for her .
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"Dragon Witch"
November 2000
Tarot's Moon ritual is interrupted by something very huge that her BatCat Pooka has dragged in!
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"Ghoulish Intentions"
January 2001
Jon's quiet cemetery is invaded by a horde of fleshing eating ghouls. Meanwhile Tarot is revisited by her old Love, Boo Cat. Werecats and Vampire Girls and Witches...OH MY!
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"Return of the Dark Witch" Part 1 of 3
March 2001
Art & Story by Jim Balent full colour Part 1 of 3 After a long repose, Raven Hex begins her new desire to create a perfect world for witches. She also takes on an apprentice, Willowry. A young misguided Teen , who desires the power which only Magick can bring. Meanwhile, Raven has been marked for Death by the Shadow Coven, Ninja witches! Tarot and Jon's Romance blooms but will it be nipped in the bud?
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"Return of the Dark Witch" Part 2 of 3
May 2001
Tarot and her Mother go to Raven for help against the Evil entity that has been murdering Salem's people. While Willowry tries to help Crypt Chick back from the Dead. The Ninja witches learn they should always practice Safe Hex.
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