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3 Little Kittens
"Puss n Bullets" Part 1 of 3
August 2002
Art and Story by Jim Balent Jim Balent's New Title "3 Little Kittens: Purrr-fect Weapons" is a 3 part Mini Series entitled 'Puss n Bullets'. A fun feline Action / Adventure Comic for all you lovers of gun totin, karate kickin, cat-fightin gals who battle terrorism wearin the latest in Kitten Technology! Who are the 3 Little Kitten's?! They are a team of Feline Freedom Fighters! Lots of Paw to Claw combat for these high heeled Kittens! In the first Issue ,"3K" takes on a hostage crisis in mid-town Manhattan, as a viscous vengeful vixen, "Latex Red", arrives on the scene with her "Satanic Cheerleaders of Doom", to throw down the gauntlet and become the Kitten's newest arch enemy!
"3 Little Kittens: Purrr-fect Weapons" #2 'Puss n Bullets' #2 of 3
October 2002
Art and Story by Jim Balent Survival looks slim for the 3 Kittens when Latex Red and the Satanic Cheerleaders of Doom steal the latest killing machines from a military parade and set their deadly sights on vaporizing our heroines' nine lives. Secret origins of Latex and the 3 kittens are also revealed! Explosions and mayhem erupt in this second issue entitled " Puss & Bullets" Part 2.
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"3 Little Kittens: Purrr-fect Weapons" #3 'Puss n Bullets' #3 of 3
December 2002
3 Little Kitten's : Purrr-fect Weapons " Puss & Bullets part 3 of 3" Art and Story by Jim Balent New York City and the nation hang in the balance in this Final issue of the 3 Little Kitten's Mini series! Latex Red challenges the Catress to a high heeled death match, while the rest of the kittens fight for their lives against the Satanic Cheerleaders of Doom! No more pussyfooting around! The mittens are off! This is it! Will anyone survive? Will New York Survive?! Find out in part three of "Puss & Bullets"!
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