BroadSword Comics Digital FAQ

Q. What will I get for subscribing?
A. you will get full access to all issues that are in the bscDigital© library. Plus exclusive material, such as uncensored covers that have never been published, new stories, photos and video links. News and goodies that will be revealed or only offered here. Also, there are absolutely NO ADS!

Q. Can you print comics?
bscDigital© Comics are optimized for viewing on your computer screen and are not intended to be printed.

Q. Can I buy printed issues?
Click over to for availability.

Q. How will my credit card be charged?
When you choose a monthly subscription you with be charged $4.99 per month automatically unless you wish to cancel. Then you must contact us to do so Make sure yo include your full name with your request.

All sales are final.

Q. Why do I have 2 charges for $4.99 right after I join?
When you sign up, there is a reserve on your credit card to makesure that you are real and that your card is groovy. That will disappear and you will only be charged the
membership fee of $4.99 a month . So don't worry.

Q. Hey! Why can't I get into the Member's Only Rooms anymore & read some comics?!!
Well possibly your card didn't go through for the month. Either it expired or was declined. If you know that your card is going to expire, contact me so we can fixed that lil' problem. If there is another situation with your card and you have cancelled it. Please resign up with your new card. Your old membership will be deleted and you may start anew. I'm sorry, due to the huge artwork load I have I can't contact you when your card is declined- the membership is just closed if you haven't contacted me.

For any other questions please contact us at: or call us at 717-982-0594… if we don't pick up please leave a message, most likely we are at the drawing board & we will call you as soon as we can.